Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Craving Cheetos

My brother got married last November and I was lucky enough to visit for the event. It was a lovely time, I enjoyed every second of it (except that trip to Costco, but that's another story). The night before the wedding, my family and I prepared the food, decor ect. for the reception that was to follow the ceremony.

While we were preparing, my brother, the one to be wed, and his soon to be bride made a trip to a store to pick up some supplies we were lacking. They returned with a big bag of Cheetoes. They were the best Cheetos I had every tasted.

I've been craving those Cheetos ALL WEEK!! Want to share a bag with me?


  1. That is funny! I love when something tastes so good. Unfortunately it usually never tastes as good the next time around - must be something with the atmosphere!

  2. Vistor from SITS, thanks for your comment of my blog. I check out your blogs and I love them

  3. I LOVE those! The new puff corn ones are delish too! Visiting from SITS! Happy weekend =)