Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welcome to Little Things and Possibilities

Hello world! This is the first post of my new blog. As you can see if you read the header I've named this blog "Little Things and Possibilities". I named it that for a few reasons. The first one being simply because I like that saying and it wasn't already taken on Blogger (always a plus when choosing a blog name).

The second reason is because of a Facebook status I posted a few weeks ago. I wrote that I was "Excited" and when my friends asked why I blurted out "Little things and possibilities". Of course they took that as meaning I'm pregnant, which is not the case, but I liked the saying anyways, thus leading back to reason one.

The third reason is because it plays nicely off of Katie's already established blog name, "Sunshine and Bubblegum".

You see, this year Katie shared one of her New Years goals with me, "make more friends and help drive more business to DreamUp Studios". As soon as I heard it I felt like a schmuck. We are both graphic designers for DreamUp Studios, we should BOTH have that goal.

Now we do. And since we both have the same goal and work for the same company, we thought matching blogs would be appropriate. They are cute right?! We think so. We also think you should wish us luck. And please be my friend and grab a button to help spread the word. More posts to come.


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