Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Worst Cook in America... beef strip taco style

My Husband and I watch Worst Cooks in America every week. Besides Top Chef, it's the only show we follow at the moment. Have any of you seen it?

It's quite entertaining and even educational. Robert is nice to look at and some of the mistakes the contestants make are very funny!! What's not funny is that Hubs thinks I should be on the show.

I'm not a GREAT cook, I'll give him that, but I do pretty good. I make killer (as in good, not as in they will kill you) pork chops and yummy salads. If I was on the show though, tonight I would have been sent home. The dinner I prepared was almost awful.

I heated a pan with a little bit of oil and put some beef strips in it. I let it brown on both sides then put some seasoning in it as well as some water, uncooked rice and dried beans (okay, those last two items were from a package). I let that cook up for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Then it was done.

I warmed up some tortillas, spooned the meat mixture onto it, sprinkled some cheese and some lettuce and rolled them up. The flavor was not too bad, nor were the bean and rice, but the meat... it was so chewy and it had a funny taste.

(Besides ground, I'm not a beef person. I just don't like the taste of it, which is why I think that I thought the flavor was weird. Hubs didn't comment on the flavor so yes, that must have been me being crazy. He did comment on the chewiness though.)

As I sat there staring at the food after my first bite I kept thinking "I'm such a failure, maybe I should be on that show". But I ate it. And so did Hubs. It couldn't have been that bad since it got eaten by everyone that was served, right? Maybe I wouldn't have gone home if I was on the show afterall (and now I wish I WAS on the show - just so I would know)!
ps. this post was written on very little sleep :)

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  1. My oldest daughter loves that show. I wouldn't lose any sleep over it we all have our dinner fails.