Saturday, March 5, 2011

Good for the soul, but too cold to frolic

The beach was great!

The very moment we got there all the stress I had been feeling melted away. How glorious God's creations are and how good for the soul it was just to be there and watch and listen to the waves.

The two hour drive with a new cd Hubs had burned for us was the funnest part. It was really windy and the water was freezing cold! I wanted to go in the water so badly. I always go in the water when I go to the beach but it was just too chilly.

There were dead jelly fish everywhere (we saw about a dozen) which was kind of cool since I've never seen one before but it was also sad. I wonder what killed them, the cold water maybe? I felt like it would have killed me if I went in it so it's a possibility (at least in my head).

It was totally worth braving the cold though and I'm so blessed to have such an attentive Husband who is able to understand my needs when I can't do so myself.


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