Monday, March 21, 2011

Not the weekend we planned

Warning: this is long, more of a journal entry.
Last weekend was not the weekend we planned. You see, on Saterday Hubs and I were going to lounge around all morning and go shopping in the afternoon, probably stopping by Crispers for a super yummy lunch. Then Hubs bro was going to come over and have a 'guys' night while I hide up in the bedroom watching Smallville. Nothing fancy but that's how we roll.

Then on Sunday I was going to teach my sweet spirit 4-6 year olds about the Holy Ghost. I had the whole lesson planned out and ready to go. I had props and a song and activities. It was going to be an awesome lesson! I even had it typed out and everything. After church we were going to come home and relax. Maybe watch a movie or tv together. And yes, I was probably going to watch more Smallville.

But instead... Hubs woke us up at 7:30 Saturday morning. He told me his heart was going too fast and it wasn't beating right. I placed me ear against his chest and the sound I hear was truly frightening. I didn't want to alarm him because I knew that would make it worse so we layed back in bed and I tried to calm him down. Calm him down I did, but not enough. So we decided to go to a walk-in clinic. I rushed to get dressed (didn't have time to shower - gross I know) and stuffed a purse with some essentials (water, Special K bars, a book) and out the door we went.

We got in to see a doctor rather quickly, yay, and once they hooked him to a million wires they confirmed that something was wrong with his heart. They had their suspicions and suggested he get checked out at the Hospital. That day. Via ambulance.

The ambulance came and drove him away. I followed in the car.

A Denison Whitmore was playing and I cryed like a baby. I wasn't really scared, but maybe I was. Thankfully the hospital wasn't too far away. Got out of the car and saw the ambulance there unloading my love. I watched and he looked over at me, saw me and smiled and waved.

They took him to the ER at first and got his heart back to normal. That afternoon/evening they him to the Hospital for further monitoring and tests. He stayed the night. They made me leave at 10pm. I came back at 7:30am and then at 4pm they let him go home.

Got home and cleaned up the house while he rested. Then his brother came over and they played a few games while I watch Smallville. Business as usual. It was weird. It's only been 28hours and it's like nothing happened. He is fine now, need to take it slow but he's fine, doesn't even have to take meds. except an aspirin. People keep asking if they can do anything for us, we have been blessed with awesome friends and family, and I say no. Cause it's true. Life is back to being our type of perfect!

It wasn't the weekend we planned but it could have been much worse and we are truly grateful.


  1. glad to hear he's ok. That's weird that that happened. I hope it stays normal! good luck with everything!

  2. Wow, very wild weekend and so glad it turned out blessed!! Thanks so much for stopping by my post today 'cause it helped me find yours! I'm off to read some more posts here.

  3. How scary! I'm so happy it all turned out well.

  4. first, thanks for stopping by my blog, i just noticed it....second, so glad to hear your hubs is ok and doesn't even need meds. God is so good!

  5. That must have been frightening for both of you. Sending positive thoughts your way that they find out what's going on.

  6. So scary ... hope you get some answers quickly ... and some peace of mind!