Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Feeling a bit accomplished

Today I woke up about 10. That's the earliest I've woken up all week (yes, it's only Tuesday but still). I answered email and worked on projects for clients. I gathered the laundry (Hubs has a bad habit of throwing his cloths everywhere) and sorted it. I cleaned up the office, guest bath and master bed + bath. I started a load of whites. I watched 10 minutes or so of a recorded episode of "How the States Got Their Shape". I did the dishes. I continued my show. I put the whites in the dryer and a load of darks in the washer.

I cleaned up the downstairs. I vacuumed. I finished my show. I folded the whites, switched the darks and put another load of darks in the washer. I put the whites away in the closet and checked my email again. I hung/folded the darks and put the last load in the dryer. I started a movie but didn't watch it. I contemplated dinner - leftovers it is. I sorted the mail. I paid the bills. Hung/folded the last load and put all the darks away.

Hubbs came home. I fed him. Did more work for my clients. Added a new service to our website. Wrote a scheduled post announcing the new service for the business blog. Wrote this post for this blog. Now I think I'll go eat something... and then veg out in front of the tv.


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