Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Perfect Sunday

Sunday was absolutely perfect!

First church with Hubs and our friends Sara and Sean. Felt the Spirit while taking the sacrament, had FUN in Sunday School thanks to our awesome teacher and relaxed in Relief Society. (Is it just me or doesn't Relief Society have that relaxing feeling to it? There is something about being sounded by woman who, even though you don't really know them, would help you when and however they could.)

Once home, Hubs took a nap while I coooked my first ever pot roast. It took hours and hours but it was SO YUMMY!! Sara and Sean came over to visit. I made a strawberry shortcake that was really light and fluffy and oh so good, which we all enjoyed.

The best part of the day? When IT STARTED TO SNOW. It snowed and snowed and snowed. We went out in it multiple times, me bear foot of course. Because snow is like sand; it's best experinced without shoes and in dance.

The only time I enjoy dancing is in the kitchen with Hubs or bearfoot in the snow with big flakes falling all around me. It was magical. The perfect ending to a perfect day.

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