Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New car too!

I occurred to me that I haven't posted about our new car so this is late but here it goes.

A couple months after we moved to NC Hub's car broke down. Luckily we had my car so we just used that. I worked from home (graphic design) and didn't really need a car so only having one wasn't a big deal. But my car was old. It was my very first and only. I've had it since high school, through college and the first five years of our marriage. It still ran pretty well but the shocks were shot and we needed a newer one. My family have been bugging us to get a new one for years and years.

So we decided that when we move into our new house we would also buy a new car, mostly because our rental house only had a one car garage and we didn't want either car sitting outside.

Fast forward a year and shortly after we moved into our new house I had to get a tooth pulled. Hubs drove me and on the way we passed a dealership. After he dropped me off he went back to the dealership for a test drive while he waited for me. As I was sitting in the dental chair waiting to have my tooth pulled I get a text from him saying he bought one. Just like that.

It's a beautiful black 2013 Hyundai Elantra. It's so new and shiny. It drives so well and looks so nice. We love it!


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