Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Missing the rain

After a quick phone call from my mother, I decided to go to AZ. What is it about mothers? They almost always know the perfect things to say.  It helped that one of those things was, "we got the AC fixed".

I was able to surprise my grandparents at their 60th wedding anniversary party. It was great and I'm so glad I got to do that!! I'm here at my parents house now. We have been playing lots of games, I've been visiting family and friends. I even went camping with my parents and sister.

Pulling a camp trailer, my dad drove us in his SUV for 3 hours to get to the camp site. When we finally got there we were the only ones around. There were lots of trees (they smelled really good) and birds and ants and flies. There were dried up creeks and streams. I could tell it used to be really pretty there. My sister said it looked like a totally different place than last time they were there.

So much of AZ is dry, dusty, brown and hot right now. Even worse than I remember. I haven't been here during the summer since I moved away seven years ago and I don't think I'll be back again. It hasn't rained in months and it needs it bad.

The camp site was in the mountains, but it was still about 95 degrees during the day. The wind would blow a bit and it was almost bearable in the shade but still fried some of our brain cells and made it hard to play games that required a lot of concentration.

When the night came and it was drastically better. The temperature went down and tons and tons of stars filled the sky. Stars always get me. I love them. And I've never seen them better than I have looking up into an AZ sky.

We stayed for two nights and decided to go home early. Camping just isn't want it used to be. It was nice to go though. It's been about 10 years and now I know I still like it, as long as it's not too hot.

I love spending time with my family here in AZ, but I don't miss the state. It used to hold such a large part of my heart but that is almost all faded now. I love NC so much and I miss it. I miss my house and my husband.  As sad as it will be to say goodbye in 11 more days, I'm looking forward to my green state and rain. I do miss the rain.


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