Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not again.

So this morning Hubs wakes me up (he was not mad from the other day, thank goodness). "Listen to my heart!" he asks in slight panic. I do so and I don't hear anything wrong so I fall back to sleep. A few minutes later he wakes me up again to listen again. It sounded a little bit off that time but nothing to be alarmed about.

I get out of bed and go downstairs anyways. After laying on the couch for awhile and helping Hubs decide if he should go to work I make some pancakes. Banana chocolate chip ones from Target to be exact. I didn't burn any of them (which is a first) and they were super yummy!!

Hubs' brother comes to pick him up for work (they work at the same company and since we moved just down the street from them they have started to carpool - it's great! Except, short lived, because his brother is moving to Virginia next month). He grabs his bag, walks out the door and locks up.

I stay on the couch. Something tells me that the moment I go back upstairs he will come walking back through the door. A few minutes later he does just that. "I decided to stay home". Okay.

He calls the doctor to see if he should go in. They don't know. He then calls his friend from Church who is in Dr. training (love that guy!), and his friend tells him to go in so we get dressed and go to the walk-in clinic. After a short wait we see a Dr., the same one we saw last time he was in there. They do the test and send him home. Yay!! I don't think I could have taken another E.R.visit, not today.

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  1. So some how I lost track of your blogg...and then amazingly I found it again! I'm excited to read what you have been up too....looks like you've been pretty busy!