Friday, June 10, 2011

Untill next time

I haven't posted in awhile and I miss it so I'm posting now even though I feel like it's been too long and no one is out there listening anymore. This time the blogging break was partly because I've been lazy and partly because I've been busy.

You see, last month I worked really hard to get my husband healthy (okay I left that up to the Lord but it worked pretty well) finish up all my ongoing projects with work and to clean every inch of the house. Why you may ask? Because my family came to visit!!

I was so so excited for them to come. It's been about 6 months since I've seen them and over a year since my Husband has. They had obviously never seen our new house (yeah that line was a little random) and missed us too!

Having them here was as great as I anticipated it would be! Hubs didn't even get annoyed or jealous (I tend to spend every second with them when we are together and he gets a little neglected). It was wonderful having more life and spirit in our home.

We went to Universal Studios, the beach, shopping, eat food, played games - we had a blast! On top of that I enlisted my parents to help us around the house. My dad fixed my car, put furniture together and installed ceiling fans and light fixtures. My mom (and even my sister) cooked, helped us paint the kitchen & downstairs bath (a pretty green) and the upstairs master bedroom (a pretty blue/grey), hang pictures and arrange nick-knacks on top of our kitchen cabinets (it looks fantastic)!

Although I felt guilty asking them to do it they willing did and the joy on my dad's face when you crossed off his to-do list was priceless. I feel so blessed every time I think of them and look at the work they did and remember the fun we had.

I can't wait till next time we can be together.


  1. I'm sure your family enjoyed helping you with a few projects for your new home. You'd do the same for them right? Sounds like you had a great visit with them. There's nothing like having company to get you going on some projects you've put off.