Thursday, September 1, 2011

Please sir, may I have some more

I'm getting sick. My throat has been sore all week and yesterday the sniffles and sneezes appeared. I don't like being sick because I can't kiss my husband - don't want to get him sick (though he probably will get sick anyways, knock on wood). But I do love soup and being sick is a great excuse to eat some!!

Anyone have a favorite recipe I could try??


  1. AAAewwww! Hope your feeling better soon! My boys love my Chicken Noodle Soup - and I mean LOVE (I renamed it Swine Flu Soup, though - LOL). I also bring home eggrolls with hot spicy mustard and the chinese hot spicy soup that I cannot spell right now. You will feel awesome after that, too!!!


    This is my recipe. This blog my friend set up for all of our friends to post our recipes on. I would make it for you and bring it over, but it'd be bad by then. Love you! Hope you feel better soon!! (ps... take some coconut oil pills {from a health food type store} some airborne, Echinacea etc.) Also doTerra Essential oils are awesome, but pretty darn expensive, google them if you want to know more.

  3. You can always get that butternut squash soup you liked at...ok, I just hit a brain block...I was going to say Chippers but that is NOT right. What was that resteraunt called with soup and salad and stuff?