Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One over, one more to go.

My husband is big into sports. I am not. This makes for a frustrated and lonely me come sport season. It's been soccer, soccer, soccer around here for what seems like a year. Our house has been covered with glitter and confetti, I clean it and the next day he makes more so it's pointless. Random 4 am wake up leg cramps. My new camera, he lost it at the last game.... you get the point. But it's finally over!!

Only to be football season now instead.


I'll survive though. My husband is amazing and I love him despite. Plus he doesn't actually go to football games every week. No more confetti and glitter. Just loud, very load, cheering at the TV and mild moodiness if his team loses when they should have won.

I used to be supportive and even watch the games with him. But after 4 and a half years of marriage I guess I've stopped pretending and reverted back to my, I hate sports, self.

Wish me luck!!


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