Monday, August 13, 2012

Gas at night

A few hours ago, on Facebook, my sister told me I should update my blog more often and since I'm not doing anything right now it seems like the perfect time.

It's 5 am and I haven't been to sleep yet. I'm sitting in a fold up chair in our driveway. Hub's is out here too. I tried going to sleep at 2:30 (yes, I'm a night owl) but just as I was drifting off (which was probably around 3:30 - it takes me a long time) I was alarmed by something I smelt.

It was in the air. It was everywhere. Woke Hubs up but he didn't smell it. I roamed the house (all three floors) to try and figure out if I was going crazy. I was faint. Very faint, but undeniable nonetheless.

I went outside and took deep breaths.It started raining the lightest rain I had ever felt. Lighter than a sprinkle or snow. A sort of cotton candy kind of rain. The rain made me smile but worry more at the same time (I worry easily, but that is a testament to the strangeness). I went inside.

Gas. I could smell it, even stronger now. I slowly made my way to the stove. Shoving my head against the back wall I took a cautious breath. It smelt there too. A possible leak.

Did some research on Google. The house could blow up!

I woke up Hub's again, this time making him get out of bed. He didn't smell anything. Even at the stove he smelt nothing. Crazy I must be. But the smell wouldn't leave.

Hubs takes a turn on Google. Yes, it smells similar to rotten eggs. No I'm not certain, I've never lived in a house with gas before. Should we call the gas company? I don't know. Why don't you don't smell it? I start crying. He calls. Now we wait.

UPDATE: The gas company worker guy came in about an hour. He put on some booties and roamed the house with a ghost hunter like gas detector. Hubs and I stayed down-stairs. We heard foot-steps and banging. More footsteps. More banging (from the stove). He finally came down and told us he detected gas but wasn't sure where. After another go at it, he found the leak in the attic. He turned off the gas and told us what to do to fix it. Then he left.

We opened all the windows to air the house out. A few hours later, vindicated, exhausted and relieved, I finally fell sleep.

Another UPDATE: It's all fixed now!!


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