Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We are staying

Hubs and I have been living in NC for 7 1/2 months now. We still love it here! The weather, the changing seasons (the tree in our front yard is bright red right now - so beautiful), the people - I could go on and on. The latest reason we love living here, we've discovered, is the housing prices. And that reason led to a huge breakthrough!

One night while we were discussing our future we decided to look at houses. We looked in Arizona and realized that we would not be able to afford anything we loved there, anytime soon. Same thing for Utah. Both of those states have been our 'goal'.

I was born and raised in a small AZ town and ever since getting married I wanted to move back - or at least within driving distance. I grew up within a mile of both my grandparents and very close to aunts, uncles and cousins. It was a great way to grew up and I wanted the same for my future children.

I have been bugging (okay, borderline nagging) my husband for five years for him to get a job over there but it hasn't happened. Five years is a long time to look for a job. He gets offers every single day for jobs in Orlando and now here in Raleigh, but nothing out west.

These facts used to get me so frustrated and disappointed. I have had this attitude of "when" and "then". When Hubs gets a job out west then I'll be closer to my family and then I'll be happy. When we move to AZ or UT then life will be perfect.

 I am sick of that attitude! I AM happy right here and right now. Life is pretty perfect just as it is.

After looking at the housing market in our 'goal' areas we decided to look and see how it compares with here. Jaws flung to the floor and angels started singing. Seriously, after seeing the difference Hubs and I were deliriously laughing.

It was so simple. We love it here. We can afford a house we love here. We are staying. Staying for a very long time (or until the Lord wants us to move).


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