Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our new house

We bought a house! It's a new construction and hasn't been built yet so instead of posting pictures of the house (or the empty lot) I'll post pictures of our plans!

Here is the floor plan we choose. In the kitchen we went with the island and optional cabinets. Part of the cabinets will have a built in desk. There will be a wood deck off of the nook. The second floor will have stairs to a third floor. The third floor is a going to be a large open room with a huge closet for storage.

The closing date is projected for Feb. 28th of next year. That's 4 months away but with all the upcoming holidays I'm hoping that time will go by quickly. I'm so excited, I've already decorated the first floor!

This is my decoration plan. It's rough but should give you a good idea of what I'm thinking. Box #1 shows the selections we made at the design center - carpet, hard wood floors, cabinets, and granite. Box #2 shows the color palette, pulling from the finishing, wall color (the background of the boxes) fabrics and furniture.


I've switched the color to a plum purple color and I'm in love!!


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