Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Plus a house, minus a tooth

We did it! We've moved into our new house and it's fabulous. It was a lot of work and stress but totally worth it. We decided to paint the walls right away so I'm working on that, a light silver/grey color which Hubs and I both love. I've got  more stuff to unpack and things are still a mess but it's getting there. We got our washer and dryer yesterday and our new couch came in a few days before that. I feel so very spoiled. :)

The fun got interrupted Saturday night when my tooth started hurting. Monday morning I got a dentist appointment for Tuesday (today). Then Monday night my mouth/check/jaw area swelled up. Great. When I went in they said one of my teeth was probably infected and I should pull it. They referred me to a specialist. I went to the specialist. They made me drink juice and take some pills. They stuck big long needles into my gums and my mouth went numb. Then they pulled the tooth right out. I didn't feel much pain at all.

I'm back home now, biting down on gauze and spitting out blood. It's SO gross!! The swelling is still present and will be for awhile. I look like a chipmunk (on one side anyways) and I can't talk. They gave me a prescription that is suppose to kill the infection and make the swelling go away. It's also very likely it will make me sick.

Oh well, I'm sitting in my new house right now and I'm happy. :)


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