Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Insight for the Future

I was reading a post from this awesome blog I follow and it gave me some great insight for the future.

One day I will have kids and one day I will disappoint them and let them down. I will be upset at myself for this. I will probably cry and wish for a redo button. But IT WILL BE OKAY. Really, it will be. Although I will try my best to be an awesome mom I know I will make a lot of mistakes. It's human nature. And thank goodness. Because with every mistake I make I will get an opportunity to teach them. To direct them above. I will make sure that they know what I believe so strongly: Heavenly Father is always there. He is the perfect parent and He will never let them down or disappoint them. I will teach them that His time is different than ours and that answers don't always come the way we want them too but His answers will always come. No matter what. I will teach them to go to Him. In times of happiness and in times of sadness. He will comfort them, He will make it better, even when I can't.


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