Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Saturday was my 26th birthday. Hubs took a day off (he NEVER takes a day off), from all the busy church, work, and sports things he had going on, to take me to Sea World. I really enjoy Sea World and I still had an annual pass so it was perfect - all we would have to buy was a ticket for Hubs and food.

We were afraid it would rain but it was actually a really sunny sunny day. It was hot and sweaty and my face was bright red most of the time we were there, but I've been hotter and I survived. Plus I got a little purple fan that helped when I held it directly in front of my face :)

We saw flamingos, huge turtles, a really great wooden gazebo we decided to build in our yard someday, lots of birds, dolphins, baby dolphins (so cute!), lots of fish, sharks, an emu, sting rays (so slimy!), a walrus and sea lions. Then we ate lunch and decided since we were almost done with the park we would go home early so we could do some shopping. My favorite part of the park we saw after lunch. The penguins, polar bears and other snowy creatures.

I was sad to leave but shopping was fun too. I got a nice blue shirt and an awesomely cute cream with green polka-dots vintage inspired dress. I just have to find some sort of sleeves for the dress and it will be perfect!


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