Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Life recaps

A lot has happened since I last posted. A lot in comparison to what usually happens in my life in that amount of time, that is. Here are the recaps.

1. I realized I have social anxiety. Not officially and not as bad as some, but I stumbled upon a description and examples and it was dead on to how I feel. It helps to know. I've already improved a lot since I first read the article.

2. I got in a car accident. It was my fault, though I have no recollection of seeing the other car. Either they switched lanes right as I was turning or they were going really slow and I went figuring they were long gone but they weren't. Either way it sucked. No one was physically hurt and our insurance will cover the damage to their car. My car is still driveable but with the smashed headlight it's probably not legal to do so.

3. Because of number two I'm now dealing with a fear of driving. I still do it when I have to but I don't enjoy it. I'm getting good at driving to church but that's about it.

4. My car was old and needed replacing anyways so we probably won't fix it. Been looking at cars online. I want one like my moms or a small SUV from that same company.

5. I went to a book and food club a couple weeks ago. It was fun! I was pushed to go by my desire to concur my driving fear but it helped with my social anxiety so it was good all around. This month I'm even hosting.

6. And the biggest of all.... we might be moving to North Carolina. Hubs got a job offer there, he asked for more money than they offered so now we are just waiting to hear back. We've done our homework and gotton our signs so as long as he gets the job, off we go.


  1. Good for you! Baby steps is a good way to start conquering that fear. Book club is a good way to do it! Let them get to see how awesome you are and they will love you! NC huh? That'd be awesome! Watch out for hurric....oh wait you live in FL now.... :) I want to come visit you!!

  2. Yeah for you!!!!! Hope the job works out. Love you