Thursday, November 17, 2011

Food, books, and self-improvement

I hosted food and book club tonight. I think it went well. I know I enjoyed it, and that's saying a lot being as I'm socially challenged. My house was clean and pretty (we've decorated for Christmas already - yippee!!) and smelt (is that really a word?) nice. I had enough seating for everyone. The food was good.

A couple ladies hung around longer and we talked; like really talked. I told them things I have been bottling inside and it was nice to get them out. It was nice to get their kind advise and understanding. I haven't talked to anyone like that, besides my family and husband, since I left AZ.

I'm starting to think that having friends isn't such a bad thing. Maybe I'll start to enjoy, really truly enjoy, conquering my anxiety. Three cheers for self-improvement!! (boy was that cheesy, lol!)


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