Thursday, January 19, 2012

One week from tomorrow

My AZ Christmas trip was fantastic! Celebrating the birth of our Savior is always great and I just love spending time with my family. They really are THE BEST. :) Plus, I caught up with a couple friends too, which was fun!

The day I was to fly back home I got a call from Hubs informing me he was in the hospital. His heart was acting up again so they gave him some meds and let him out shortly after. All this heart trouble is so scary. But I'm grateful it hasn't been any worse than it has. And I was very grateful it happened on my last vaca day instead of the first; I was actually able to enjoy 2 weeks without worrying about anything - love that!

Since I've been home I've been busy taking care of Hubs of course, catching up on work (DreamUp Studios) and cleaning/packing. It sucks to be back in reality world. That or I'm just incredibly spoiled. Probably the later.

We found a nice town home to live in for the next year up in North Carolina. We've only seen pictures of it, and not that many, but our Realtor saw it in person and assured us that it's nice. We'll see. I'm very anxious to check it out and praying that it has good vibes and quite neighbors.

Do you realize how many boxes it takes to pack up a three bedroom house? A LOT!  I'm actually all out, so off to the store I go to get some more. One week from tomorrow and we'll be on our way to our new digs.

Hope everyone has a super great holiday season!!


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