Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving and Excitement

This year for Thanksgiving Hubs and I drove to Charlotte to celebrate with his Brother, Sister-In-Law and some of her family. It's usually a 3-ish hour drive but it took us about 4 1/2 because of Holiday traffic and construction (who decides to do rode construction during a holiday??). We were driving right into the sun for most of the way too. It wasn't fun.

But that was the worst part of the trip. Everything else after that went wonderfully. The hotel was good and it was surrounded by lots of stores and restaurants we like, even a movie theater. I didn't have to cook a thing but got to eat lots of yummy turkey and fixings (my favorite was probably the steamed broccoli - weird I know). The company was nice, the kids were cute, the dogs were huge but didn't bite or bark at me.

Thanksgiving night after we left the festivities, Hubs and I decided to watch a movie. The only thing we were remotely interested in was Rise of the Guardians in 3-d so that was our choice. It was 10pm and we were the only ones in our theater room - literally. It was so awesome!! After making-out during the previews (it's nice to act like teenagers sometimes, hehe) the show started and it was so fun. We really, really liked it. That was probably our favorite part of the trip. :)

Friday we did some Black Friday shopping, we went to a tree lighting festival and hung out. Saturday we went home but stopped at Ikea first. There Hubs found this gorgeous white pillow with a large purple flower and purple trim. I loved it!! So much so that I decided to change the house decor plans. I found purple curtains to match and a few accessories and was reassured by my loving husband that purple was okay with him. I'm very excited about it!

We got home a lot quicker than it took to get there. We went a different way and there was hardly any traffic that way. The rode winded through hills and old towns. It was a beautiful drive and reminded me of Arizona quite a bit.

Speaking of Arizona, I'm leaving to go there for two weeks. I'm very excited about that! My Brother and Sister-In-Law are having a baby girl!!!


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