Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Five weeks

Hubs and I close on our new house in exactly five weeks. We are so, extremely, more than ready (can you tell I've been watching Charlie and Lola)! Going from living in a house you own to living in a house you rent is hard.

For 9 months back in Fl I was able to paint the walls and do whatever I wanted to, then we moved here and I'm back stuck with yucky yellowish white walls that I can't even hang pictures on without fixing it before we move out. Ahh!! I'm tired of cleaning and maintaining and fixing someone else's stuff. I'm tired of writing that check that goes directly down the drain.

The day we move into our new house I am painting the walls - a nice soft grey color. I am hanging blinks and curtains. I am unpacking and finding a place for all our junk. It's going to be a lot of work but I am super excited!!

These last five weeks can not go fast enough.

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